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Animal Care

Equine Health Care
Dental Float
Horses teeth constantly erupt throughout life, and maintaining a proper grinding surface for feed and forages occasionally requires work to "float" or grinding down of the tooth surfaces. 
Drug Sales 
We carry a variety of medications and dewormers throughout the year.
Emergency Care
 Includes foal deliveries, postpartum care and Colic assessments (stomach pain).
Laceration Repair
Wire cuts are a common result of the area we live. Many severe cuts require immediate attention resulting in possible surgery and treatment for tetanus. 
Newborn Foal Care
While many newborns are born without complications, concerns and challenges arise quickly and newborns can deteriorate, we offer post-delivery exams and consult. 
Pregnancy Diagnosis
We are equipped with an equine stocks (safe holding stall), to transrectally assess pregnancy and fetal development as early at 14 days post conception with palpation and ultrasonography.  
Routine Coggins Testing and Health Certificates
Federal regulations require that Equid species (Horses, Mules, Donkeys) be tested annually for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) prior to transport across state lines. Testing consists of a blood draw and exam. 
Annual vaccinations are recommended in our area for Tetanus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Influenza and Equine Herpes Virus. When administered by a Veterinarian, these vaccines stand under pharmaceutical immunization guarantees. 

Herd Health Care
Birthing Assistance
Not limited to  but including cesarean section.
Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE) 
This exam tests the breeding capacity of any bull over 15 months of age. A semen sample is collected and assessed for quality, motility and morphology. The overall health of the bull is included in this examination.  
Brucellosis Vaccination (BANGS)
In our region, all heifers (female, young virgin cows) 4 - 12 months of age are required to be vaccinated, tattooed and tagged. 
Health Certificates
 All animals transported from one state to another are required to have certificates or health papers assuring their health status and a brand inspection.   
Other State and Federal Regulatory Testing
Bear Lake County is currently exempt from mandatory Brucellosis testing; however, parts of neighboring Caribou County (ID), and all of Lincoln County (WY) mandate testing of cattle. Please contact our Veterinarian for more information on testing requirements for your animals. 
Pregnancy Diagnosis
To maximize feeding resources and appropriately prepare for calving, pregnancy can be determined by transrectal palpation and ultrasonography as early as 35 days in gestation. Fetal sex (determined at 3-4 months in pregnancy) and age can help producers stage their calving efforts.
Tritrichomonas Testing (Bulls)
Per IDAPA 02.04.29 “Rules Governing Trichomoniasis,” annual testing is required for all resident non-virgin bulls and all bulls 24 months of age or older. This testing season runs from September 1 to August 31, however, testing must be completed by April 15th. Only bulls in permitted feedlots or approved rodeo bulls are exempt from the testing. The "Trich" tags for 2020 are yellow.
 Vaccination and Drug Sales 
We carry a variety of medications, supplements and vaccines throughout the year.
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