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Team Members



Dr. Jake Miller

A native to the Bear Lake Valley, Dr. Miller graduated in 2018 from the Utah State University/Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Dr. Miller purchased the Bear Lake Animal Hospital in the summer of 2018 from Dr. Charles Merrell.
Since the change, Dr. Miller has worked with the routine small and large animals and has even dabbled in exotics and camelids. He has loved the variety in a mixed animal practice and has a special interest in animal reproduction.
When Dr. Miller is not working, he with his wife and four active boys enjoy
 spending time working outside, camping, hiking, biking and pretty much anything the beautiful Bear Lake Valley has to offer.


Trevor Redden.JPG

Dr. Trevor Redden
Dr. Trevor Redden was raised in Southwestern Wyoming on a cattle ranch where he loved spending time outside hunting and fishing with his four siblings and cousins. He has always enjoyed animals, but it wasn’t until after his church service mission that he decided to pursue his interest in animal medicine.
Dr. Redden met and became fast friends with Dr. Jake Miller in Logan, Utah while they both worked and studied together while receiving their bachelor’s from Utah State University. Dr. Redden went on to graduate in 2018 from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.
Before joining the Bear Lake Animal Hospital team in January 2022, Dr. Redden practiced as an associate veterinarian in Fowler, CO where he worked as a mixed animal practitioner while also working at a sale barn with cattle.
Dr. Redden is anxious to settle into the Bear Lake valley with his beautiful wife and three daughters while developing new hobbies and memories together… especially ones that include fishing.


Shannon Miller
Office Manager

Shannon is a life-long resident to the Bear Lake Valley, and she has loved reliving her childhood memories at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital with her husband Dr. Miller and four very active boys.  Shannon grew up with a deep respect for Veterinary medicine because of the hard work and care each of these men and women have for their profession. She has seen these qualities in her father, Dr.  Merrell, and now in her husband, Dr. Miller, as they have navigated the steps of practicing at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital.
Shannon, along with her husband, bought the Bear Lake Animal Hospital in the summer of 2018, and she has found herself working a variety of positions at our clinic ranging from veterinary assistant, receptionist, janitor, interior designer, event coordinator, and now office manager. She enjoys going into work alongside her husband, but she’s found the best place to be is at home taking care of her boys while working from afar.
Shannon has enjoyed being back in the Bear Lake Valley where she treasures the memories that can be made in such a safe environment. She enjoys staying active with her young family and can be found taxiing around her little ones to sporting and school events, beach trips, and hiking adventures.

Trinity's family.jpg

Trinity Skinner
Assistant\Inventory Specialist

Trinity was born and raised in the Bear Lake Valley, and she has since had the privilege of making this Valley her home with her husband and three children.  
Trinity first started her career, several years ago, at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital
working for Dr. Charles Merrell. She has since rejoined the team in the fall of 2018 and has enjoyed the change of pace and hands-on experiences.
Trinity has always had a love for dogs, cats, horses and all farm animals. She has made farming and ranching an important part of her living. She loves to spend a great deal of time enjoying the outdoors with her husband, children, grandchildren
, and pets.

Rylie and Waycee_edited.jpg

Rylie Phelps

Rylie was born and raised in the Bear Lake Valley, and she is excited to make this valley her permanent residence with her family and son.
Rylie first started her career at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital in January of 2020, and she has enjoyed challenging herself with the hands-on experiences and interactions with such a variety of animals.
Rylie has a passion for spending time in the outdoors with her family and friends.


Rebecca Lloyd


Rebecca, known as “Bean” by her close family and friends, was born and raised in the Bear Lake/Cokeville Valley. Bean loved growing up in this community, and she takes pride in having been able to raise her five children here and now her two grandbabies.

From a young age, Bean has always been involved in farming and ranching whether it was helping friends on their farms, or by helping her mom and stepdad on their family dairy. Farming has always been in Bean’s blood, but it soon became her passion when she met her better half, Layne Keetch, five years ago. She’s loved being able to share this passion with us here at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital since she joined our team in 2023.

Bean enjoys spending her days with her family while riding horses, driving cattle on the forest, farming, and milking cows.  


Taylor Bales


Taylor was born and raised in Northern California, but she’s not foreign to the beauties that surround the Bear Lake Valley. Since she was seven years old, Taylor visited her grandfather in Cokeville, WY every summer which helped in deepening her enjoyment of what this valley has to offer. Taylor moved to the Bear Lake Valley permanently in the Summer of 2020 from Spokane, Washington.

Taylor has a passion for anything to do with animals, which has aided her while working in numerous veterinary clinics since high school. She loves to learn new facts and techniques when it comes to animal science, and the Bear Lake Animal Hospital has enjoyed having her on the team since the Spring of 2021.

Although Taylor thoroughly enjoys loving on the animals that come through the hospital, she can be found on her days off spoiling her animals while hiking with her dogs, riding her horses, and going to the river.


Abby's Pic.jpg

Abby Nield


Abby is a life-long resident of the Bear Lake Valley and has loved being able to call this beautiful valley her home. She grew up on a cattle ranch surrounded by both large and small animals which allowed her to immerse herself into the ranching lifestyle of hard work and drive. She and her husband, Beau, continue to live this lifestyle of hard work and drive with their family consisting of their three beautiful daughters, two hardworking sons-in-law, and five adorable grandchildren.

Abby is thrilled to be back as a receptionist at the Bear Lake Animal Hospital where she can reconnect with old and new friends. Her easy natured personality, genuine sincerity, and top of the line communication skills make her an integral part of our team in keeping our clientele aware of the clinic core values and mission statement.

Abby has a passion for making life-long memories and deepening family relationships. Her greatest success in life has come from raising her daughters (and now five grandbabies) to be true to themselves and their dreams.


Taryn Dolence
Taryn was born and raised in the Bear Lake Valley where she quickly developed a love for animals both large and small. Her love of animals is what led her to study animal biology at Western Wyoming Community College.
Taryn joined the Bear Lake Animal Hospital team in February of 2022, and she has taken on the role of a receptionist developing her skills with both animals and clientele. Her hard-working personality, tender heart, and organization skills have made her a great asset to the team and a reliable source for our clientele.

Taryn enjoys spending time with her two adorable children and fur kids. Her interests include clothing, photography, and exploring the beautiful sights of Bear Lake while hunting and fishing.

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