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Welcome to the team Dr. Trevor Redden

Dr. Trevor Redden was raised in Southwestern Wyoming on a cattle ranch where he loved spending time outside hunting and fishing with his four siblings and cousins. He has always enjoyed animals, but it wasn’t until after his church service mission that he decided to pursue his interest in animal medicine.

Dr. Redden met and became fast friends with Dr. Jake Miller in Logan, Utah while they both worked and studied together while receiving their bachelor’s from Utah State University. Dr. Redden went on to graduate in 2018 from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Before joining the Bear Lake Animal Hospital team in January 2022, Dr. Redden practiced as an associate veterinarian in Fowler, CO where he worked as a mixed animal practitioner while also working at a sale barn with cattle.

Dr. Redden is anxious to settle into the Bear Lake valley with his beautiful wife and three daughters while developing new hobbies and memories together… especially ones that include fishing.

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